Volvo’s First E Truck

Targeted for applications such as urban distribution and refuse operations, among others, Volvo Trucks has introduced its first all-electric truck for commercial use – the 16 tonne GVW Volvo FL Electric. Volvo said sales and series production of the new model will start in Europe next year. The first two Volvo FL Electric evaluation trucks will be operated by a refuse collection and recycling company, Renova as well as the haulage firm TGM, both in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Claes Nilsson, president Volvo Trucks, said that the truck group was able to draw on  the Volvo Group’s accumulated expertise in electrified transport solutions with Volvo Buses having sold more than 4000 electrified buses since 2010.

The driveline for the FL Electric truck starts with a 185 kW electric motor with a maximum power of 130 kW continuous output, a two-speed transmission, driveshaft and rear axle. Maximum torque for the electric motor is 425 Nm, while the max torque of the rear axle is 16 kNm. 

Energy storage is 2 to 6 lithium-ion batteries, totaling 100 to 300 kWh, giving the FL Electric a range of up to 300 km, Volvo said.

AC charging is via the mains grid (22 kW) or a dc fast charge via CCS/Combo2 for up to 150 kW. Volvo said recharging time from empty to fully charged batteries via fast charge 1 to 2 hours (dc charging), with night charge up to 10 hours (ac charging) with maximum battery capacity of 300 kWh.