Volkswagen’s Electrification Partnership In Brazil

Volkswagen has signed a memorandum with the Brazilian company Eletra for the development of solutions for electric mobility. The document was signed in São Paulo by the president and CEO of Volkswagen in Brazil, Roberto Cortes, and the president of Eletra, Maria Beatriz Setti Braga.

“Eletra is a Brazilian company that uses traction electric systems and other complements in their buses. Their team is highly qualified, with proved know-how. We are very glad with this partnership,” said Cortes.

The partnership foresees cooperation for the development of solutions and concepts related to electrification for public and cargo transport. Products tests, commercial and operational partnerships will be made together, besides the design of components and systems specifically adapted for the Brazilian market.

Volkswagen has recently displayed its first electric truck prototype, which also counted on the involvement of Weg and Allison. “Innovation is part of Eletra and Volkswagen’s DNAs. The result of this approximation will put Brazil in highlight in electric mobility in the world,” said Maria Beatriz Setti Braga.

Eletra is based in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo state, and has supplied electrification systems  for more than 400 buses in Brazil, Argentina and New Zealand.

By Mauro Belo Schneider, from Brazil