By Mauro Belo Schneider

Volare, Caxias do Sol, Brazil, a business unit of Marcopolo S.A., said it is developing the Volare.e bus, in partnership with the Chinese electric vehicle powertrain manufacturer BYD. Volare said the new bus model will have an 100% electric motorization and also has a low floor and pneumatic suspension.

“Volare has always focused on the differentiation of products and, as a vehicle assembler, needs to be attentive to the main technological innovations. Vehicles with renewable and sustainable energy sources and alternative fuels are the future of the urban transport,” said João Paulo Ledur, Volare business manager at Marcopolo S.A.

Volare also said the technology is ideal for urban uses and was designed to offer more internal space. The BYD powertrain was adjusted to the body, with batteries on the top and in the back. Total recharge is expected in three hours.

The new vehicle is 9.150 mm long, 3.380 mm tall and its width reaches 2.360 mm. The capacity is for 45 passengers, being 20 seated and 25 standing. BYD motorization counts on two engines of 90 kW and maximum torque of 450 Nm.

Volare.e has started tests in Santos, Brazil, and is already available for interested operators.