Universal Forklift Battery Chargers

XL Lifts, a Ventura, Calif. company that specials in zero and low emissions forklifts, has announced the availability of the XLerator line of forklift battery chargers.

XLerator battery chargers are universal, so operations with forklifts from multiple product lines and brands, or even ones that use different battery types like lithium and lead acid, the company said, can use a single line of forklift battery chargers to power an entire fleet, XL said.

The company said the chargers will work with chargers for a 24V, 36V, 48V, up to 80 Volts for forklifts, AGV’s (automated guided vehicles) and ground support equipment.

The XLerator’s are packaged as multi-voltage 1.3 kW power modules that can be combined to produce over 30 kW output. In addition, XL said the XLerator’s weather-resistant design means forklifts can be charged outdoors, freeing up indoor space.

Other design features of the new XLerator battery chargers include: a flexible and scalable design able to work with a range of forklift brands; the chargers can be programmed for conventional, opportunity or fast applications; the units are compatible with lithium ion, lead acid, VGA and other battery types; “plug and play” utility enhances expansion; zero downtime because the chargers remain operational even if a power module fails; and wireless communication.

“Our XLerator battery chargers will free companies from the current constraints of powering electric material handling equipment and ultimately save them both time and money,” said Mike Marzahl, President of XL Lifts.

For more information: https://xlliftsinc.com/product/xlerator-battery-chargers/

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