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Transfluid has developed a new electric motor, the type Tier G, which is targeted for applications in on-road and off-road vehicles, as well as marine main propulsion and marine auxiliary propulsion.

The company explained that the name Tier G hints at the emissions regulations in the USA (Tier) and in Europe (Euro), pointing out though that these regulations have targeted high reduction figures in gaseous emissions, but are still far from an unachievable G-reen target, Transfluid said.

According to Transfluid, Tier G reaches a very high efficiency resulting from the combination of energy saving capability, higher battery operation time (when not connected to the grid as in industrial applications), and a longer range. The Tier G electric motor is also designed to be vibration-free and emit very low noise.  The new Tier G electric motor also has a compact envelope and with high power to weight  ratio, Transfluid said.  It is designed with a flexible torque profile, that can adapt to the different needs of mobile machines and marine vessels.

The Tier G motor reaches 130 kW of peak power at 3000 r/min, utilizing permanent magnet technology, with 97% efficency. The power supply comes from a 384 Vdc battery or 400 Vac grid.

The motor has a SAE 4-10 inch (SAE J617-620) output with SAE B two-bolt power take off. The unit is liquid cooled (with glycol or water) and features temperature and pressure switchgauges.


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