The Flying, Electric Pleasure Boat

Together with yachting specialist Denison Yachting, Swedish electric boat firm Candela is launching its electric Candela Seven bowrider in the United States.

From April 2020, the Seven is for sale in the U.S. through a partnership with Denison Yachting, one of the most well-known American brokerages with 22 brick-and-mortar offices across the States.

The design of the 25 ft. Candela Seven includes a lightweight carbon fiber hull and foils, i.e. wings under the water. Candela said the Seven go up to 30 knots, and cruise up to 57 miles on a single charge.

Candela specs list the propulsion system as a 55 kW electric motor and a 40 kWh lithium ion NMC battery. Charging is listed as 230V/16A or 110V/34A standard household outlet with about 12 hours required for a full charge.

The manufacturer said the ride is smooth and stable even in strong side winds and waves. The performance is accomplished through an array of sensors that measure wave height, along with a custom designed flight controller. Take off, cruise and landing are all fully automated. Height, roll and pitch are controlled by sensor fusion, controllers, software and hydraulic actuators operating at 100 Hz update frequency Candela said.

The Candela Seven is designed and built by an international engineering team in Stockholm, Sweden. During 2020, serial production is ramping up at the company’s 30,000 sq. ft. facility in Stockholm.

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