Railcare Presents Battery-Powered Railway Maintainer

Railway specialist Railcare presented its new MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle). The maintenance machine is equipped with self-propelled vacuum pumps, hydraulics, and control cabins enabling the vehicle to be used as a complement to Railcare’s vacuum excavator, snow melter and function as a towing vehicle for ballast wagons during track work. The MPV is battery-powered.

“I am proud that we are the first to produce a maintenance machine for the railway that is emission-free and with the same high performance as our other machines. It is a unique product where we at Railcare can contribute to a more sustainable future,” said Daniel Öholm CEO of Railcare Group AB.

Railcare’s partners in the project were present during the unveiling of the machine in Sweden, including  Emad Zand, president of Battery Systems at Northvolt, and Erik Svedlund, head of Marketing at Epiroc.

The MPV is the first of its kind, said Railcare, as there no other battery-powered maintenance machines for the railway of this size. The capacity is equivalent to 30 electric cars and the company said one of the biggest advantages of battery operation is that the noise levels are significantly reduced.

“It is exciting that we are the leaders in the development of battery-powered maintenance machines for the railway. Our customers around the world have a huge demand for this type of solution. Especially in city centers, tunnels, and mines where exhaust fumes and noise levels are a big environmental problem. This machine will be a game-changer for the entire railway industry,” said Öholm.

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