More Orders For Mobile Power Station EV

UQM Technologies Inc., Longmont, Colo., announced a follow-on order from DD Dannar LLC, Muncie, Ind., for its HD 950T electric propulsion system. UQM will ship its order to Dannar in early 2018.

The e-drive system will be used on Dannar’s  Mobile Power Station (MPS), a heavy-duty electric vehicle designed for infrastructure maintenance and disaster response, driven by the UQM 950T e-drive system.  

UQM said the 950T can deliver 950 Nm peak and 400 Nm continuous torque as well as 145 kW and 100 kW peak and continuous power.  UQM added that the 950T can deliver full power from 250 to 440 Vdc as well as maximum full speed performance at 4500 rpm. 

UQM’s HD 950T e-drive system.

The MPS comes standard with 66 kWh lithium-ion BMW i3 battery packs, but may be configured with up to 198 kWh of on-board electricity.  The MPS can carry multiple BMW i3 battery packs on-board its steel ladder frame and 40,000 lb. rated axles.

Custom configurations of multiple BMW batteries provide appropriate energy for single day or multiple day work requirements. Its two-way charger and inverter allow for emergency export power from the battery system for large buildings or neighborhoods.

An optional 60 kW Tier 4 Cummins-powered generator provides 600 kWh of continuous, off-grid electricity and battery recharging.  Combined with a 50-gal. fuel tank, the MPS can recharge itself for multiple days before refueling, Dannar said. 

Dannar said the MPS has a towing capacity of 100,000 lbs. and optional work arms with a 7000 lb. load capacity.  A Parker Hannifin hydraulic tool and attachment system provides a universal quick plate for Caterpillar or Bobcat attachments, as well as type I, II and III hydraulic tool circuits for chainsaws, breakers or impact wrenches.  It can also utilize “jaws of life” and other handheld hydraulic tools.