More eBuses For Santiago

China’s BYD announced it has delivered 100 new BYD electric buses, the model K9FE, for use in the Chilean capital of Santiago. The buses will be integrated into the fleet that operates on the Avenida Grecia, a completely electrified bus line that reportedly services more than 660,000 people weekly.

Following the arrival of this batch of electric buses, another 83 units will be added in mid-August. These 183 units of BYD pure electric buses will join the 100 electric buses that BYD and local partner Enel brought into Santiago last December, creating one of the largest pure electric bus fleet in Latin America.

According to BYD’s website, the K9FE buses are powered by LiFePO4 batteries.  BYD claims that the chemical materials contained in the battery can be recycled without any toxins. K9’s power system uses an in-wheel motor drive and hub reductor.

Further, BYD says electric power consumption of the 31 passenger 39,6000 lbs. (18,000 kg) bus is less than 100kWh/60mins and has an acceleration: 0 to 31 mph (0 to 50 km/h) in 20 seconds. Range is up to 155 miles (249 km), while top speed is 60 mph (96 km/h). Typically it takes 6 hours for a full charge or a three hour fast charge, BYD said.

With the arrival of the new electric buses, about 6% of the Santiago’s fleet is now electrified. These 40 ft. (12 m) buses, like those already operating in Santiago, have Wi-Fi, USB ports, universal accessibility for people with reduced mobility, cameras and a segregated cab for driver safety, as well as padded seats and low floors.

The new buses will be integrated during the last quarter into the existing Metbus fleet to operate along the popular Avenida Grecia route.

The 183 electric buses will be powered by Enel X, which will also provide the necessary charging infrastructure by building three new charging stations in Santiago.



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