Logging On With Logset

Finland’s Logset recently launched the Logset 8H GTE Hybrid – a medium-sized harvester.


The machine features a 214 kW, (at 1850 r/min) EU Stage 5/ Tier four final AGCO Power 74 LFTN diesel engine running at a constant pace with torque of 1280 Nm while the hybrid system provides up to 104 kW of additional power required in a typical felling and processing cycle. This allows the hybrid harvester to perform several tasks at the same time, while keeping the engine load constant.


With Danfoss Editron’s parallel hybrid system as an integrated part of the machine´s diesel engine, the Logset hybrid harvester offers a 45% increase in power and 39% in torque, the company said. The hybrid system allows the power of the entire machine to be boosted without increasing the size of the diesel engine, said Danfoss Editron.

The company added that all the peak loads on the harvester´s working cycle are compensated by the electric motor. The electric motor adds power to the existing drive line during load peaks, keeping the load of the diesel engine steady. When the diesel engine runs at a constant pace the harvester saves fuel.


This fuel saving can be up to 25%, which means lower running costs compared to traditional technology. The hybrid harvester also maintains the regular working pace even with large trees, which increases its productivity, said Danfoss.

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