Liebherr In Fuel Cell Systems

Liebherr-Aerospace Signed Agreement With Swiss Partner For Next Generation Fuel Cell Systems

Liebherr-Aerospace and a Swiss fuel cell powertrain specialist have reached an agreement on common development in fuel cell systems.

Liebherr-Aerospace electrical turbochargers will be integrated on a heavy-duty truck platform to serve the food and beverage ground logistics industry for two giant supermarket chains in Europe.

Since 2001, Liebherr-Aerospace has been promoting its motorized turbo-compressors powered by high-speed electrical motors and using oil-free dynamic air bearing; they gained applications in hundreds of operational vehicles.

“Liebherr-Aerospace is poised to be a leader in the quest for carbon savings, as we have been collaborating with major automotive manufacturers to develop and test electrical turbo-compressors with zero emissions for over a decade across the globe,” said Nicolas Bonleux, chief commercial officer at Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS, France. This partnership is another step towards our mission to be a leading provider of cutting-edge energy-efficient technology”,

Liebherr said, this agreement opens the door to an additional application of its turbo compressors – food and beverage ground commercial transportation – and will strengthen Liebherr’s presence in the automotive industry in Europe. The company also seeks to further expand its presence in the maritime, railroad and aerospace arenas as well.

Mid-2019, the company delivered its high-speed electrical compressor for a new generation P390 proton exchange membrane fuel cell system used on the municipal sanitation medium-duty trucks by SAIC Yuejin, China. Tests on the trucks off the assembly line were reported to show that the vehicles can cover a range of over 400 km and can be cold started at low temperatures up to -30 °C.


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