Hinckley Dasher - The World's First Fully Electric Luxury Yacht (PRNewsfoto/The Hinckley Company)

The Hinckley Co. has introduced Hinckley Dasher, a new 28 ft. 6 in. yacht that the Southwest Harbor, Maine boat builder is billing as fully electric luxury yacht. Hinckley said reservations are now being accepted for delivery in Summer 2018.

Dasher, borrowing her name from the company’ original Picnic Boat hull #1, sports a carbon-epoxy composite hull shape designed by Michael Peters. The design includes composite Artisanal Teak.  Dasher marks Hinckley’s debut of Artisanal Teak, a lightweight hand-painted epoxy composite that has Hinckley’s signature varnished teak look without the weight or maintenance costs of traditional varnished teak wood.

Titanium hardware and console details were both 3D printed to achieve shapes and a level of precision typically unavailable Hinckley said. 

Designed from the outset for fully electric propulsion, Hinckley said the Dasher pairs modern styling with hi-tech composite construction. “We have a long tradition of innovation in pursuit of the perfect yachting experience.  From the early use of fiberglass in the Bermuda 40 in the 1960’s to the adoption of jet drives on the category-defining Picnic Boat, we’ve always worked to combine the latest technology with cutting edge naval architecture to do what has not yet been done,” said Peter O’Connell, president and CEO of The Hinckley Co. 

Propulsion for the Dasher is via twin 80 hp electric motors and dual BMW i3 lithium ion batteries.  The dual BMW i3 waterproof lithium ion batteries have been designed with a prismatic cell design for efficient cooling and temperature distribution with compact size and superior shock resistance, Hinckley said.

For recharging, Dasher accepts dual 50 amp charging cables, standard on most docks, so Dasher can gain a full charge in under 4 hours with dual 50 amp charging.  Cruising speed is 10 mph, with fast cruising at 18 to 27 mph.  Range is 40 miles at cruising speed and 20 to 25 miles at fast cruising speeds.  

Dasher is the lightest Hinckley ever, the company said, with a carbon-epoxy composite hull and carbon stringers. The Dasher’s has an open layout allows for numerous possible configurations.

Today, Hinckley builds Jetboats and sailboats from 29 to 55 ft. and supports its owners and other yachtsmen with a network of service yards from Maine to Florida. Two other boat builders, Hunt Yachts and Morris Yachts, were acquired in 2013 and 2016 respectively. 

For information www.hinckleyyachts.com