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The global voice for electrification, hybrids and new engine & powertrain technologies for the global vehicle and equipment markets.


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Also from Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications:

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide magazine is dedicated to engine-room products, technologies and news associated with power generation, marine propulsion, oil & gas and rail applications. It targets medium- and slow-speed diesel and gas engines, as well as gas and steam turbines.


COMPRESSORtech2 and COMPRESSORtech2 en español serve the gas compression machinery industry. Emphasis is on the machinery itself and includes detailed technical coverage of compression applications that can be found anywhere between the wellhead and city gate or other point of distribution.



The Compression Technology Sourcing Supplement (CTSS) is the comprehensive source for comparative technical information on gas compressors, drivers and related machinery, systems and services.


Diesel & Gas Turbine Sourcing Guide:  Also since 1935, Diesel & Gas Turbine Sourcing Guide has covered the products and technologies involved with any type of reciprocating or rotating (turbine) engine.

This includes anything that can be used with engines, including engine accessories (turbochargers, fuel injection systems, internal engine components, etc.) electronic controls, hydraulics, mechanical transmission components, emissions-reduction technology, generators, marine power transmissions systems, etc.

Annual printed catalog, plus http://www.dieselandgasturbineguide.net